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Children’s vision
Children usually will not complain of a vision problem as they don’t realise they have a problem and everything tends to seem normal to them.

Signs that your child may need an eye test:
  • Frequent blinking
  • Complains of infrequent blurred vision
  • Watering eyes
  • Book distance too close when reading
  • Looses place when reading
  • Rubbing eyes frequently
  • Tilts heads
  • Covers or closes one eye
  • Poor handwriting speed or neatness
Eye Examinations for Children
Children of all ages can have their eyes tested as Optometrists use tests that are age and development level appropriate. The tests will determine if glasses or eye-training is needed or if some other health provider’s advice is needed. A referral is not required but sometimes a teacher or doctor will refer your child for testing. Any reports, referrals etc should be brought along to the appointment. (This includes tests from occupational therapists, educational psychologists or reports from previous eye tests).

A vision report can be provided upon request.
Children’s Glasses
Children are provided with glasses only when needed. Glasses are often the best and fastest way to improve a child’s vision especially when there are eye-focussing problems or an eye-turn. In many cases the child only needs the glasses for school work and this may only be needed for a few years.
To make an appointment for an eye test for your child please call us on 4225 2505 or use our online appointment booking form