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Q. When is it appropriate to get my eye’s tested?
Q. How long will an eye test take?
Q. How often should I get my eyes tested?
Q. What other options do I have if I don’t want to wear glasses?
Q. Why buy from Figtree Eyecare?
Q. How long do I need to wait for my glasses?
Q. Do you accept credit card payments?
Q. What can I do if the glasses have any problems after purchase?
Q. What if my new frames need adjusting?
Q. Do you have any quality Guarantee?
Q. Can you put new lenses into my current frames?
Q. What lens coatings do you have?
Q. What is short-sightedness (myopia)?
Q. What is long-sightedness (hyperopia)?
Q. How can I reduce computer eye strain?
Q. When should I have my child’s eyes tested?
Q. What do you check for in an eye test?
Q. I can see great – why do I need an eye test?
Q. Can you fix colour blindness
Q. Why does the optometrist want to know about other medication?
Q. I have currently got a very strong prescription and don’t like the thickness of the lenses, what options do I have?
Q. I have trouble with night driving, what type of lenses can help reduce glare form headlights and street lights?
Q. What are my options when it comes to prescription sunglasses?
Q. Are multi focals difficult to get used to?